Wishes for Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our wonderful mothers. You bring so much into the lives of those youthful eyes that look up to you. In their eyes you can do no wrong.

We have been celebrating Mother’s Day in our home since Friday night – it has become Mother’s Weekend. Lucky Mom.

I once read that when you educate a future mother, you educate an entire family. I read this about 20 years ago and have often thought about its meaning. Now, this may sound sexist in today’s modern world, where women are “bringing home the bacon” on the same level as the men, but women still hold the most influence over their children’s lives and the direction of their education. We fathers, may think we have some say, but we all know that mothers have a gentle way of persuasion that renders fathers helpless in its wake.

 So today, as I reflect in celebration for my wife and my mother, I see in my daughter’s eyes future generations of children that will be affected by the choices made in her education today.  It is a responsibility that I do not take lightly. It is the reason why I chose to hold the separate sessions in the summer science camp for girls.

A couple of facts to take into consideration. NYC school science programs are lacking and only held about once a week. The goal I set for my program is to help motivate young students to take an interest in science and how it plays a part of our everyday lives. Once they develop the interest they can use that motivation to take them anywhere. Our philosophy is about motivation and overcoming the failures that prevent our children from reaching their potential. Our daughters, and future mothers, deserve our best efforts to help them achieve successful lives and homes.

Have a great day.